About my book

The book  titled Coming Home to Self . . . A Journey into Inner Peace,   is a simple book but not a simplistic one.  It illuminates ways we can enhance our fullness of life, joy, compassion and loving-kindness and find a place of inner peace.

Just like a mustard seed, one of the smallest of seeds, that can grow and spread to  very large proportions, this journey into inner peace is about growing in awareness. It is an awareness of the simple everyday events of our life that hold potential for seeing and living life more peacefully. It is an awareness that keeps growing, just like a mustard seed.

Often times, in our busy world  living on autopilot,  we miss the most important and most sacred. If you have ever driven from point A to point B and not really remember all the points along the way, you will know what I mean.

So I invite you to continue on this journey with me and use some of the lenses I offer as a way to be more aware of, not only your life journey, but to become more aware and truly appreciate the unique individual you are .

One thought on “About my book

  1. This is my first visit to your blog and I’ve enjoyed it very much! I’m eagerly looking forward to my future visits.
    Peace and love always.


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