Growing Through an Experience



                         Growing through an experience . . .there is always an option.

While writing my book, I would often say to myself, “Barbara, read your book!”

Now you would think that someone who has published a book about finding inner peace would be able to address each situation, no matter how hectic, and remain calm and collected.  However, that is not the case.  I know what I am supposed to do to be peaceful, but actually doing it is a whole other thing.

No matter how much I/we meditate, think quiet thoughts and breathe deeply, life has a way of catching us at our weaker moments and takes us to places we would rather not go.

Recently, I had one of those unsettling sleepless nights.   My “monkey mind” would not be quiet.  No  matter how much I tried to focus on my breath or repeat my quieting mantra, it would not stop jumping from one thought to another. I knew the best I could do was simply allow it to be and watch the thoughts come and go. By the time my alarm went off for an early morning meeting, I felt exhausted and was not in the best of moods.

To make matters worse, I was running late–something I hate to do—plus the blouse I planned on wearing had a loose button; the gas gauge was almost on empty because I forgot to get gas the day before; and the final straw, was a driver who cut in front of me to exit the expressway and almost hit my car. I was furious!

At that moment, something I wrote about in my book jumped out at me.  Getting angry with this driver would only upset me more.  I could choose to concentrate on my driving, send positive thoughts to this person, let go of my anger, and be more at peace.  I had an option.

In that moment, I chose to do what I knew would help me regain a peaceful  stance.

It has been said that you can go through an experience or you can grow through an experience.  The option is yours. That day I grew through an experience: I not only remembered, but I actually practiced, what I had written in my book. It made all the difference for creating a calm and attentive attitude during the rest of the day.

As my journey continues, I know there will be bumps of various depths along the way, so I hold a valuable little mantra in my mind:   “Barbara, read your book!”

Peace & Blessings